Studio update

Well, after about 18 hours in the studio this weekend, we have nearly completed recording our next album! The yet-to-be-titled EP is now in the hands of recording guru (and criminal mastermind) Kirill. He showed great patience while I was going at a solo for the 21st take and he shares the vision of what this album will look like. Out of several songs I have written over the years, we hand-picked these 5 tracks for this record because of their raw, swampy, bluesy, groovy, un-sacrificed sound and structure. Genres, song length and arrangements weren't a consideration for this recording. They were pushed aside to make room for feel, groove and ambiance. The Inferno boys were on fire (if you'll excuse the pun). It was amazing to see everyone share the same view of the end result from the beginning, these songs came together with ease which lends itself to the final recording. I can't wait for it to hit you right in the ears!


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