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We recorded these songs at the Sound Priory last year, and we love them. And we want you to have them. I've wondered the purpose of recording these songs and thought about what I would wish to gain from releasing them in any of the current formats. What is comes down to is this; I love creating, playing, writing and listening to music, and in any genre really.
I'm fortunate to play in a band with some very talented guys. I come to rehearsal with a riff and some lyrics and they mold it into something far better than I could on my own. In the end, I want to share what we've created in the hopes that you will appreciate and enjoy it. So, my gift to you is our latest creation. I would like to hear what you think of these tracks, please leave a comment on the post, or sign up to the mailing list and please spread the word. 



* By the way, we have 2 more songs in the queue. Once we hit a good number of downloads of these first 2, I'll post the links for the next ones* 

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