Single tracks or full albums available for download.

Single tracks or full albums available for download.

'You cover up the music with so many labels, you can't see it anymore' - Elvis Costello

We play what we feel at in the moment, and then do our best to turn that moment into something special.



Download tracks for free 

We recorded these songs at the Sound Priory last year, and we love them. And we want you to have them. I've wondered the purpose of recording these songs and thought about what I would wish to gain from releasing them in any of the current formats. What is comes down to is this; I love creating, playing, writing and listening to music, and in any genre really.
I'm fortunate to play in a band with some very talented guys. I come to rehearsal with a riff and some lyrics and they mold it into something far better than I could on my own. In the end, I want to share what we've created in the hopes that you will appreciate and enjoy it. So, my gift to you is our latest creation. I would like to hear what you think of these tracks, please leave a comment on the post, or sign up to the mailing list and please spread the word. 



* By the way, we have 2 more songs in the queue. Once we hit a good number of downloads of these first 2, I'll post the links for the next ones* 

Heya Hey 

The title of our latest EP coming out this fall.... Heya Hey! We're heading back to the studio in a couple weeks to record our latest efforts, and we couldn't be more excited with these songs. We'll be posting some updates from the studio.



Mikey's Juke Joint and some questions 

We're excited to play Mikey's this Saturday. I've spent a fair bit of time there even before Mikey opened the Joint and have always loved the atmosphere. The patrons there are supporters of live music and it's always the most fun to play for them.
We're going to play some new songs, stuff that we have been working on for awhile and some that are very new and that got me thinking; I love the process of writing a song, developing it with the band and seeing where it goes from there, taking it to the studio and polishing it, then getting out to the world. I love everything about that. Where my struggle comes in is getting it to the world in the right format, I don't know what that looks like. Some artists are now releasing an album in lumps (John Mayer for example), releasing 4 songs then waiting 4-6 weeks then releasing another 4 songs. At first I thought this was annoying and a way to garner attention, then I realized that's exactly what it is, a way to garner attention. I guess what bothered me was it was John Mayer, he has everyone's attention already, why this stunt? Well, for unknown artists, this may be a good idea. So that's my question, do you think it's a good idea?
I think the new plan is to go in to the studio and lay down 2 tracks, let them do their thing for a month then head back in for a couple more....... Hmmmmmmm? New tunes on the way soon?


EP Release  

We had such a great time at the Ironwood last week! We had the opportunity to play some brand new songs as well as some material from the first album and the reception was unbelievable! Such and amazing and engaging audience, another reminder of why I love doing this so much. Thanks again for your love and support, couldn't do it without you!


EP release party at the Ironwood - Feb 13/17 

EP is doing great, we've had some airplay on a few radio stations (including Alberta based CKUA) and I've just placed an order for more CD's as well as some other cool merch for our release party. We've been working on writing some new material as well as polishing up some older tunes that have been neglected while we focused on Burn it Down and we're stoked to be able to play them all at the upcoming show at one of Calgary's top live music venues; the Ironwood Stage and Grill. We're looking to kick off 2017 with a bang and want you all to join us for a pre-Valentine's day celebration. Can't wait!


Burn it Down! 

Finally! It's here, I received copies of our new EP yesterday. I was excited, I cracked open the boxes and examined the end result of several back and forth's, several scrapped ideas, several failed epiphanies. I was pleased to see the way it turned out I must say. I peeled open the packaging and grabbed the disc, excited to hear it. I looked around the house.............. Do we even have a CD player?! I couldn't wait so I jumped in my car, put the disc in (I think this is the first disc I've put in my car which I've had for almost 2 years). It was 5 degrees outside but I didn't care, the windows came down and the music went up! I drove around to the more populated areas and when I saw people, I turned it up even more, waiting for someone to approach me and say 'Wow, I couldn't help but hear that fantastic music you were playing in your car, who is that?'. Then I would reply, 'Why, it's me. Thanks for noticing' and casually drive off with my sunglasses on and a smirk of approval. Of course, that didn't happen. It was cold and not too many people were walking around - that's the excuse I'm sticking with.
In any event, It's here! and I'm stoked.


Album complete 

Our EP is finally done and is off to print. We are working hard on scheduling a release date and getting everything organized and are very excited to finally be able to share this with you all! Thanks to all that have supported us over the years, we sure love what we do!


Studio Update 

We had the pleasure of having Mike Clark in the studio with us last weekend. Mike played some amazing sax on a couple songs and I think we finally have the flavor we were looking for on those tracks. I think the time has come to let the songs come out as they are and I can't wait to release this album. Speaking of release, mark August 27, 2016 on the calendar and stay tuned!

Nearing the Finish Line! 

In anticipation of our upcoming album, we have posted some tracks from our debut CD, 'Walking a Fine Line' on the website to get you ready for what's comin! You can order your copy of our first record in the store on our site and, you can also donate to the cause by clicking the 'donate' link on the home page. All funds from album sales and donations are going directly towards helping with print costs for the new record. We're pretty excited with the shape this ones taking and we'll be posting a preview in the upcoming weeks so check in often, join the mailing list for updates and leave feedback! We'd love to hear from you.


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Previous events


Ben Gordon solo / Bg & the Inferno @YYC

YYC, Calgary

Find Ben playing frequently at various locations throughout the Calgary airport. Check out YYC events for dates and times!


Ben Gordon solo

Bow Valley Ranche, Calgary

Intimate solo acoustic performance by Ben at this historic restaurant, located in Fish Creek Park


Ben Gordon solo

Cravings Market, Calgary

Ben will be solo for an acoustic performance. Showtime is 6:30-8:30


Bg & the Inferno

Common Crown Brewery, Calgary

The Inferno are excited to perform at one of their favorite brew joints in town! Tix are $10 in advance or at the door,


Bg & the Inferno

Mikey's Juke Joint, Calgary

Always a great time at this intimate venue!


Bg & the Inferno

Legends, Strathmore

Ben & Scott are heading to Strathmore for a night. We're gonna hang with our pal Greg and play a bunch of songs; new ones, old ones, covers, whatever we're feeling. Looking forward to this close proximity road trip, it's always worth the mile.


Bg & the Inferno

Ironwood Stage & Grill , 1229 9 Avenue SE, Calgary

Bg & the Inferno EP Release Party! Bring your sweetheart out for a pre-Valentine's day celebration with us at the Ironwood! 8pm start, tickets are only $12 at the door. Book your reservation early (403-269-5581).


Bg & the Inferno

Legend's, Strathmore

Ben will be performing a solo show at Legend's in Strathmore. Take the short drive out and tip a few before the holidays!

Bg & the Inferno

Legends, Strathmore

1/2 the Inferno are playing a couple shows in Strathmore this week. Ben & Scott are performing as 'Poindexter' at Legends on Thursday and again on Saturday March 19. We'll play a mix of our Inferno originals with some great cover songs (we're genre whores). Take the trip out, Scott will greet you with a wink and a smile!


Bg & the Inferno

Swig's , Calgary

The Inferno are set to take the stage at Swig's! No cover.